"Leeanne has really helped me through Bowen Therapy to get the most out of my body after AFL football. She is very professional and all the Bowen techniques used really aided my lower back pain and hip pain I had pre AFL. Leeanne knew all the right places to manipulate on my back and legs which in turn gave my hips and lower back an immediate benefit as well as a freedom in my movement. I would highly recommend Leeanne as she has been fantastic for me"  

Andrew McDougall.

I presented to Leeanne post operatively after a lengthy ankle injury. Having spent five months with intensive physio and steroid injections, with little effect, reconstructive surgery was my only option. Once my cam boot came off, the ankle continued to swell with increased bruising, which persisted regardless of what physical activity or rest that I tried. Wanting more of a non-invasive treatment, I was referred by a friend to try Bowen Therapy to see if this would improve the postoperative swelling with the view to assisting with my return to work. As my injury had been prolonged for six months, I had developed left hip pain due to my constant limp and reliance on my good leg. Before Bowen, I had convinced myself that I would need hip replacement surgery if the problem was to continue. Since seeing Leeanne, virtually from the first session, I saw an improvement, not only in my ankle, but the hip and shoulder pain as well. My second session proved to be even better. I had no pain in my hip, the swelling and bruising, although still present, had diminished markedly, my overall holistic wellbeing improved to the point I didn’t feel like I had an injury at all. Prior to my injury my fitness level for a woman in her fifties was good, however diminished severely with a markedly reduction in endurance and flexibility. Following Bowen Therapy, I now feel as if a return to work is finally in the realms of possibility thanks to Leeanne’s professionalism and continued support through her treatments. I would recommend Leeanne to anyone who has given up hope that nothing further can be done to help their situation through pain or overall body dynamics. On my return to work I will continue to have regular treatments for maintaining my whole body condition and wellbeing. Thank you Leeanne for giving me back my health so that I can continue to enjoy my life’s journey without pain or encumbrance, you have a gift.

Jan Buxton

As an Arial dancer I find that I suffer from muscle tenderness and nerve pain that a deep tissue massage can’t fix. Leeanne is so delicate and professional she makes sure you receive the full effects of Bowen. After a session with Leeanne I become relaxed, feeling my muscles release knowing I’m getting a long lasting result unlike a deep tissue massage. Bowen improves my dancing, sleeping patterns and my concentration becomes clearer. Without Leeanne working her magic my everyday movements would not be as smooth and my dancing would suffer.                M.G

Receiving Bowen at Elite Bowen Therapy was one of the best things I could have done for my footy this year. It’s a weird feeling but you do really notice a difference. I feel it is the main reason that I didn’t injure my Hamstrings this year, unlike previous seasons.       J.F.