"Everybody is better with Bowen Therapy"


What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen is a gentle technique which addresses the whole body. 

Bowen utilises subtle inputs to the body (known as moves), stimulating the body to heal itself. The practitioner's moves deliver signals to the nervous system at specific locations (on muscles, tendons, ligaments, or nerves), and the body responds in its own time, within its vital capacity. 

Rather than focusing on a single complaint, Bowen Therapy addresses the entire body,  by performing a set number of moves in the correct order, to restore balance to the body. When the body is balanced,  it can function optimally, allowing for improved flexibility, function and movement. 

The technique is based on the theory that gentle moves over precise points of the body can prompt the body’s ability to relieve pain, restriction and imbalance without the need for deep, manipulative or forceful treatment. Between each set of moves, the practitioner pauses for as many minutes as are needed for the client's body to begin responding. 

Because of the subtle nature of Bowen moves, the body continues to respond over several days and is suitable for everyone from babies to the elderly. 


Most Treatments are  up to 1 hour unless specified​.

  • Adult - $95 First Session
  • Adult - $85 subsequent sessions 
  • Child Under 16 - $50-$85  (30 - 60 mins)
  • Babies Under 1 year - $30 
  • Mother and Newborn $95 (babies first visit free)

Methods of Payment

  • Eftpos
  • Cash


Leeanne Wood

Bowen Therapist

Diploma of Specialised Bowen Therapy

Certificate IV in Bowen Therapy

  • Border College of Natural Therapies
  • Bowen Training Australia
  • Bowen Association of Australia - Member
  • Bowtech – Member

My first experience with Bowen was amazing. I noticed immediate improvement with pain, stiffness and flexibility. I have been receiving regular treatments since.  

I haven’t looked back since the opportunity came along for me to become a Bowen therapist. I receive great satisfaction in being a positive influence on the health and wellbeing of my clients. My whole existence revolves around my family and sport. I have been involved in various sports at all levels.  I am currently a sports trainer at a local football club during the winter months and work for Sports Medicine Australia covering events around the Southwest. I love being involved with a wide range of sports at all levels.

In 2007 I completed the Busselton Half Ironman and I have no doubt that Bowen had an integral part in allowing me to train for and finish the event with a pre-existing injury.

I truly understand the disappointments of being injured, the recovery process and the pure joy of being injury free and able to partake in the activities that bring the most enjoyment.

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